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Winter Trips

Continue the adventure all winter long with overnight camping trips and day long snow shoe excursions. Even grow your survival skills with our winter emergency survival training.

Day Trips

Come snowshoeing with FLOW Adventures for an afternoon this winter. We will be exploring a couple of areas near Spokane during the upcoming winter. FLOW will provide guides, snowshoes and some warm drinks. The trip will last a few hours and will be full of fun, laughter and beautiful views. MORE INFO

Evening Snowshoe and Dinner

FLOW Adventures would like to invite you on some amazing evening snowshoe hikes this winter. We will be hiking up to catch the sunset and then back down using moonlight and/or headlamps.  A hot dutch oven dinner and some warm drinks will be waiting for you along the way or back at the bottom. MORE INFO

Winter Camping Overnight Adventures

This is an introduction to winter camping. This class is great for all winter recreation enthusiasts. FLOW Adventures will be offering a two day overnight backcountry adventures for the upcoming 2018-2019 winter. This is an amazing time for backpacking into areas that are typically littered with fellow recreation enthusiasts.  Most people stay inside during the cold months leaving vast areas of peace and quiet left unexplored. MORE INFO

Winter Emergency/Survival Training

Any time we play in the winter we run the risk of being caught out in the cold unexpectedly; most of us have our own stories or know of someone that has been stuck out in the cold. It doesn't have to be a terrifying experience if you are prepared and confident in your skills. MORE INFO

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