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FLOW Adventures began in the Fall of 2005 in Jon and Jeanie's basement.  We have been growing ever since. We could give you percentages, but unless you are considering buying us, we don't think you will care. Oh we should mention we are not currently for sale.  What I can say is that as owners we work with the most fabulous people -- you, our customers, and FLOW's staff. Personally, I like to surround myself with fun, responsible and entertaining people. They make incredible guides and, when you see them for days on end, be it in a snow cave, on a beach or in the confined space of the office, they have to be easy going. We operate in both the winter and summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest offering a wide range of recreational and training opportunities at different skill levels.  We pride ourselves in offering adventurous memories for all levels. Wether you are looking for a Spokane Whitewater rafting and float trips, Spokane River tubing, Raft and kayak rentals  or a multi day Salmon Whitewater rafting trip.  We got you covered.  Thanks for your time and we hope to see you out recreating either with us or on your own.



Jon and Jeanie Wilmot

Jon Wilmot
Jeanie Wilmot
Stella Wilmot
Extra Food Disposal
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