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Kayaking Classes



Intro Classes:    $240

Moving Water:  $150

White Water:     $180

Roll Clinic:          $105

Package Price (all 4 lessons):   $600


Our whitewater kayaking curriculum is designed for small groups that are often set up as private lessons for groups of 5 or less. The Introductory course is out at the lake or in a pool.  Our intermediate course is on moving water but avoiding most rapids where we continue to practice our new skill set, while learning basic hydrology. The advanced course takes us into the whitewater and deeper into river features and river reading. Also offered is a roll clinic if you want to practice or learn your kayak roll.

Intro to hard shell whitewater boats:

In our intro course we start with basic terminology and move to wet exits, paddle strokes, T-rescues, more nomenclature, racking your boat, braces, safety and equipment, all on the lake or in the pool. This course is typically about 6 hours and we can break that up into two days or three depending on your needs.

Moving Water:

In our Moving Water course we will practice all skills from the basic course on moving water (1 trips on a mellow section of the Upper Spokane) river terminology and hydrology basics. We will practice pulling eddies and braces so that when we move to the whitewater we are confident and ready.

Roll Clinic:

Our roll clinics cover the concepts and fundamentals of rolling a kayak, with plenty of time for practice and one-on-one instruction. Roll Clinics can be added tony of the aforementioned classes. 

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