Kayaking Trips

Whitewater Kayak Salmon River Trip Multi-Day 

73 miles of kayaking with lots of time for playing in the water and sun lounging! The journey will begin easy with us boating class II water and advance to solid class III rapids throughout. Meals, transportation, and river equipment provided. One-to-three instructor/client ratios for our kayakers will assure you to plenty of one-on-one time. This adventure will improve your kayaking skills tremendously. It is recommended that you try the Basic or Intermediate course before committing to this trip. The trip has raft support to carry all of our stuff and our families and friends if we want an audience.
August 12th-16th

Whitewater Kayak Salmon River-Weekend

(Hard Shell or Inflatable)

Kayak the Green Canyon on the Salmon River, a beautiful stretch of river with class II and III rapids like Roller Coaster and Pine Bar. Food, river equipment, instruction and transportation provided. 
July 24th-25th & Aug. 21st-22nd 

Inflatable Kayak the Spokane River

Easy to use and fun, inflatable kayaks are for all levels. The upper section of the Spokane River is a great place for us to experience whitewater for the first time, and the scenery is great. All equipment provided.

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