March 18, 2019  
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Summer Touring Kayak Instruction  

Touring Kayak Instructions

Our touring classes are designed to take someone that is completely unfamiliar with kayaking and help them to feel competent out on the lakes, large or small.  Kayak touring can be a great way to exercise while touring the many scenic lakes in the inland northwest.  You will feel ready to go exploring with a friend after honing in your skills with FLOW Adventures. Many people use our courses as a way to find like-minded people that may become future paddling partners. Call for space availability and dates.

Kayak - Flat Water Touring - Complete Package

This is a great opportunity that will allow you to quickly progress through all three classes; Introduction, and Advanced. You will come out the other end a kayaker. Refer to course descriptions for Intro, and Advanced to see what each offers. Typically the classes are offered in the evenings and during the week.

Kayak - Intro Flat Water Touring
3 days

Are you interested in kayak touring? On flat water become comfortable with basic terminology, outfitting, proper entry, stroke concepts, wet exit, and maneuvering the boat. Boat and equipment provided. This class will get you started and comfortable in a touring boat. If you have never kayaked before or it has been a long time this is a great place to begin your new kayaking endeavor.

 Kayak – Advanced Flat Water Touring 
2 days

If you have been in a Touring kayak before or have completed our Introduction to Touring Kayak class than this class will take you to the next level. You will be in flat water working on your wet exit, solo re-entry, tandem re-entry,T-rescues, braces and more.

The entire class will be on spent on flat water where you will learn bow rescues, braces and concepts of rolling, plus get in plenty of paddling.

Classes are created to meet demand so please call and we will set something up.  We like to keep class sizes small so that you may get the most out of it with a lot of one on one instruction.

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